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Bruno - owned by Steven S - WA
Truly the "Gentle Giant"

"The American Mastiff is without a doubt the most gentle of the giant breeds. They are a family dog who love children and are easily trained. If you love large dogs and are looking for a family pet, contact us to see if your family is right for an American Mastiff." ---Connie Hammond

Puppies available! Contact us for details! Our 2017 spring litter is here! No waiting for approved homes!
  The American Mastiff is of the noblest of dogs. No dog is his equal as a watchdog. His home is his castle and he will not roam. He will not bark senselessly, but if a stranger approaches, the American Mastiff will be there to determine if he is friend or foe. They are accepting and non-aggressive to visitors. However, The American Mastiff is very positive in his expression of protection, and it is in a stranger's best interest to pay attention to him. Fierce, courageous and selfless, an American Mastiff would gladly give his life to defend his family.
  In spite of their great size, the American Mastiff is very sensitive and affectionate. They live to please those they love, and nothing beyond your tone of voice is necessary to discipline. Wise, kind and gentle, the American Mastiff thrives as a member of the family and is a totally devoted companion; especially with children. 
  To be considered for an American Mastiff puppy from our ranch, you must agree to early socialization and ongoing obedience training. Your puppy must live in your home as a member of your family. You must also agree to have your puppy spayed/neutered.
The American Mastiff is truly the "Gentle Giant"