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CSycamore Creek Marjan
fawn male 
CWe are very proud of this boy!  Marjan is a direct descendant of our foundation sire "Simba".  We have worked hard to preserve this bloodline because of the gentle, loving, disposition and all around great looks. Marjan is as gentle and sensitive as they come and is often described as a "big teddy bear".  He loves to follow me around and "talk" when he wants attention. Marjan has passed on all of the wonderful qualities of his great-grand sire to his offspring and we couldn't be happier to have him in our breeding program.

Update: Marjan is retiring from breeding and looking for his forever home. If you think your family would be a good candidate, please contact me. 
CChief comes to us directly from the breeds founder, Fredericka Wagner of FWF.  He is one of  the biggest American Mastiffs I have encountered to date. He is now 4 years of age and 240 lbs, Chief stands approximately 38 inches at the shoulders.  Don't let this big boy fool you... He is a big puppy in every sense of the word! He loves playing with his Jolly ball and the water hose every chance he gets. Chief is also very sensitive and affectionate and absolutely loves kids! We are very fortunate to have him in our breeding program!
Sycamore Creek Chief Santos
fawn male
CSycamore Creek Gideon Dan's Tocho
fawn male
ClicTocho comes to us from Fredericka Wagner of FWF.  Tocho was very easy to house train and loves to please. He is a smart boy who learns quickly and has a very gentle disposition. Tocho has proven to be a confident stud and has been a great addition to our breeding program! 

Update: Tocho is retiring from breeding and looking for his forever home. If you think your family would be a good candidate, please contact me. 
ClicSycamore Creek Brego's Mato
reverse brindle male
ClMato comes directly from our breed's founder, Fredericka Wagner of FWF.  He is a very gentle, patient boy who is still very much a puppy. Mato is built like a tank; very muscular stature but not super tall. He weighs in at 185 lbs. and produces some of the most gorgeous reverse brindle pups!

Update: Mato is retired and will soon be moving to his new home 

C**Many thanks to Rob Julien for taking the time to photograph our boys during his visit! 
Click Sycamore Creek's Tiberius
Black Brindle Male
Tiberius is the offspring of Marjan and Cheenah.  I knew he had real potential the day that he was born. Ti  is owned by Rachel and Walter Lamory who agreed to allow me to keep breeding rights on this big boy. Not only  does he have the fantastic temperament of his father, at just under one year , Ti 's total confirmation is fantastic! He has already reached 200 lbs, is 35 inches at the shoulders and is still growing! Read below what Ti's family has to say about him:

"Tiberius is a sweet boy just brimming with confidence and zest for life!  He is a total Mama's Boy, and he loves his girls (Ages 6 and 7), and his doggie brother, Kingston, also an American Mastiff.  He is inquisitive and outgoing, and loves to tell you exactly what is on his mind!  As big and bouncy as he is, he knows how to be gentle, and loves to cuddle up with his girls for quiet time.  Tiberius is a very smart boy, and has no problem taking commands from his girls, walking nicely on a leash for them, and giving them high fives!  Tiberius completes our family, and we are very proud of him!"

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.Viho is the offspring of  our Marjan x Tehya from AMber Pines. He is every bit as sweet and gentle as his dad but has his mother's goofy, silly disposition as well. He has been a joy to raise and fits in nicely with "the pack" here at the ranch! We are very pleased with the way this boy is growing!  I am so happy to have one more direct descendant of our foundation sire!
Sycamore Creek's "Viho" (Chief)
Black Brindle 
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